Lessons learned from life

In a psychology class, the professor raised a $ 100 paper for his students and asked: “Who wants it? Everybody raised his hand .Then he crumpled it with his hands and said, “Who wants it now?” also everyone raised his hands , thus he dropped it on the floor and stepped on it with his shoe till it was completely dirty and asked again ” who wants it now?” and just like before everyone raised his hand ..

The professor said : that was your lesson for today , no matter how hard you try to change the appearance of this paper , its value won’t be affected. Therefore, no matter how humiliated, strayed, underestimated, neglected and marginalized you are , you always have to believe that your true value has not been touched !!

  • Always be confident even when you hear them saying ” what a poor guy! He has no one but God” ..you must know that they are the poor ones..as who has God by his side, has it all .

  • It is a shame to boast of something that you did not make, so do not boast about your beauty, because you did not create it , do not boast about your forfathers, because you did not choose them, you can only be proud of your ethics and morals as you are the one who shapes them.

  • Anxiety is like a rocking chair .. it will always make you move you but it will never get you anywhere.

  • Do not treat people harshly under the pretext of your bad mood , not everyone is your best friend to understand your circumstances .

  • There are those who rise us up when talking to them…. and those whom we can rise above by ignoring them.

  • Don’t finish your prayer unless you told God everything in your heart.

  • If a woman cried, know that she has lost something, and if a man cried, know that he has lost everything.

  • You may not have the ability to make people love you … but make sure to have the ability to make them respect you.

  • Live your moments between giving thanks to God and asking him for forgiveness, as our breath is not free of blessings and our lives are not free of sins.

May you all have great lives…



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