Hasten towards good and righteous deeds

Yesterday I returned home exhausted, my wife welcomed me and asked me to  change my clothes and rest a little while she finishes cooking dinner.

I went to my room , changed my clothes , laid down on my bed and closed my eyes !!! I did not open my eyes till about sunset  ,then I walked out of the room to the kitchen and found my wife engaged in preparing the dinner table … I sat down at the table and asked her :what did you cook for us today? But she did not answer !!! I repeated the question again and again and I was surprised that she didn’t answer …. my surprise preceded my anger !!! It is the first time in twenty years of my married life that I talk to my wife and she  pays no attention to me. Then, my son entered the kitchen, I asked him to bring me a bottle of water from the refrigerator, but his reaction was similar to his mother’s and that made me wonder more what’s going on as my son is an example of the good mannered boy !!

I was going ou of the kitchen when my wife said to my son : Go and wake your father up for lunch !!!! and that made me more surprised..

my son went to my room to wake me up while I was screaming ” I’m here” at him as loud as I can, but he did not hear me and he rushed to my room and left me in my stupor. And after a minute or two he returned to the kitchen with a frightening look on his face ,his mother asked him: Have you awakened your father ???

He stammered a little and then said: I tried to wake him up again and again but he did not answer !!! I was amazed, what is this boy saying !!!

Then my wife rushed to the room and behind her were the children were terrified. I followed them to find her trying to awaken someone else in my bed, who looked exactly like me, and dressed in the same clothes of mine, but when she lost hope in waking him up tears started to fall from her eyes, and my children began crying and wailing while calling on the man in my bed and hoping that he would answer them…

I could not believe what is going on around me !!! O God what is happening ??? !!! Who is this guy that looks exactly like me ??? !!! Why does not anyone hear me ??? !!! Why does not anyone see me ??? !!!

My son went out quickly to come back shortly with my father , my mother and my brothers. everyone was crying and my mother was hugging that sleeping man and crying, I tried to touch her and to talk with her to reassure her that I am still next to her, but all of that was useless …. I turned to my father and my brothers trying to make them hear my voice but no avail  was in my try!!!

My brothers went to prepare for the funeral and my father was lying on the chair crying while I was in total amazement and frustration because of this nightmare that I was trying to wake up from. Then someone came  and began to wash that body lying on my bed with the help of my children , after that they wrapped the body in the coffin and put it in the casket. Then the house was full of friends and loved ones , everyone was embracing my father, condoling my brothers and children and praying for mercy for me and for patience and solace for them. Then they carried the casket to the mosque to pray on it, and the house was empty except for women. I hurried out behind the funeral to the mosque where my neighbors and friends met and lined up behind the imam to pray for me.

Amidst this hustle and bustle, I found myself penetrating the lines of my family and friends easily without touching anyone.

When the imam started the prayer, I shouted as loud as I can: O my family, my neighbors, who are you praying for ??? !!! I’m with you but you do not feel me !!! I’m  calling on you but you do not hear me!!! I’m next to you but you do not see me !!! And when I lost hope in getting their attention I left them praying and went to that casket and uncovered it to see who was inside, once I revealed his face , he opened his eyes and looked at me and said: Now ,my turn is over ,,, I’m to the yard, but you are to stay !!! I stayed with you for more than forty years, but today I will go to the dust and you to reckoning.

only  then I felt myself  lying in the coffin, losing control of everything, my limbs are no longer responding to me. I no longer can see anything, I am no longer able to move, I try to speak, but I cannot, I only hear the unclear voices of the imam and the mourners ….

after that all I could hear was the sound of the soil descending upon me … and the sound of the steps that are moving away from me .. I realized then that it was the end … And perhaps the beginning .. The beginning of the end ..

did really this happened! Simply like this ! without any introductions!!! I still have a lot of dates ,,, I still have a lot of work ,,,, I still have a lot of debt that I did not pay nor did I ask anyone to pay it for me ,,, Where is my cell phone ??? I want to ask in my will for  a good deed that I have always postponed, I want to denounce the bad deeds I have always seen, then I slowly began to choke, and heard footsteps heading to me, O my God! This is my reckoning day!! This is what was I told during my lifetime , they must be the two angels of death coming for me .. I kept shouting and crying … God please take me back …take me back …may I can do something righteous before I leave… but all heard was : No! No!  I kept aching till a lovely voice sneaked to my ear whispering : daddy , daddy, wake up for lunch ..  I opened my eyes to find my beloved daughter smiling as usual in my face and saying “Come on , daddy, get up before dinner is cold.” I embraced her eagerly and kissed her forehead… I sat in my bed for a moment feeling very tired ; my limbs were trembling and my body was sweating …. then I said to myself, “O my soul, now you’re back, show me what good deeds are you going to do before that day comes when you ask to return to this world but no answer comes”. So , hasten towards good and righteous deeds “Nor does anyone know what it is that he will earn on the morrow ,Nor does anyone know in what land he is to die. Verily with Allah is full knowledge and He is acquainted (with all things)”.



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