So Kurds, what’s next!

Written by: Dr. Ali al-Sho’aibi

Have you finally accepted to be puppets in the American hands?

Have you all met on the greatest evil of all?

You Kurds ,who are being used by your leaders in Germany and France, don’t you know that these leaders know where your destiny is heading?

Do not you know that what happened in Erbil will happen to you?

Don’t you ever wonder why would America come to the northern Syrian land AL- Jazeera? Oh please don’t tell me it’s coming for you own sake!

Don’t you know that America has a one and only interest in the region and that is Israel, don’t you know that America is afraid on Israel from an Iranian attack and that’s why it tries so hard to protect it?!

We all know that you, Kurds of Qamishli, originally are just refugees who came in the first quarter of the last century, and the state knows all about you , all about “Turkish Farhad ” and his Syrian brother, and despite all of that it contained you, honored you , and granted you the Syrian citizenship for the sake of your Syrian Kurds brothers so you and them could be reunited.

And here are the Syrian national Kurds rejecting what you are doing, so get back to your senses , put the fear of God between your eyes and return to the bosom of the homeland.

The generous gesture of president Bashar AL-Assad is still valid, as he issued an amnesty decree for those who are behind military service, fugitives or dissidents to return to the homeland with the president’s pardon, and as long as Mr. president haven’t issued anything contradicts that , it’s still considered valid , so what are the rest of you waiting for to come back to the right side?



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