I belong: A Syrian icon of the first ever peace treaty in mankind history

I belong to the Syrian civilization

I do not belong to the Turkish aggression

Nor do I belong to the US aggression.

Syria has given the world the first ever peace treaty known in mankind history

At the end of thelatest round of “peace negotiations” held in Vienna,  Syria’s Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafaripresented the UN Special Envoy De Mistura with a very special icon.

The icon is a replica of an ancient clay tablet  unearthed  by archaeologists  during their excavation activities in northern Syria.

Inscribed on this tablet is a peace treaty dating back to the year 2350 BC., making it the first ever peace treaty known in the history of mankind.

Presenting the icon to de Mistura, Dr.  al-Jaafari  noted that this icon is over one thousand years older than the one historians believed to be the oldest.

Historians believed that the oldest peace treaty was signed in Homs at the end of the battle of Kadesh between the  Hittites and the Pharaohs around the year 1250 BC.  However, this one predates  the Kadesh document by over a thousand  years.

This tablet was unearthed by an Italian archaeologist who worked with the Syrian National Archaeological Expedition  in the Tel Merdikh site  near Idelb.

So, this is Idleb and this is Syria.

Ours is a message of peace. We, Syrians, were the first to think about working out  political, diplomatic, trading and cultural  peace treaties. This treaty wassealed between the then Kingdom of Ebla and the Kingdom of Bersal.

By the way, this tablet is just one of 1,700 other clay tablets unearthed by archaeologists.  These tablets are now kept in Western museums and are banned from being read or translated. This ban has been imposed since 1974.

Had these tablets been translated and their texts made known to the public, the entire historical  narrative would be shaken and turned upside down.

The contents of these  tablets would completely shatter the  historical  narratives being currently promoted to the public.

That is why we see that after fifty years of them being  unearthed, there is still a ban imposed on these  tablets  not to be translated. I am pleased to  offer you, Mr. de Mistura, this  icon as a gift.”

The  above is an unofficial  translation of the statement  made by Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari to the UN Special Peace Envoy to Syria Staffan De Mistura   while presenting him with this iconic gift.



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