The Invention of Ultra-durable Nano-Fibers with Unique Properties

Scientists at “Massachusetts Institute” of Technology have invented ultra-durable Nano-fibers that have unique properties. The potentials of the new material, which the American scientists have, increase many times over the potential of the Kevlar material, which is currently used in the manufacture of flak jackets.

“The new nanofibers were made as a result of a process called (electrospinning)  where fibers are formed by using electricity” said “Gregory Rotlang”, the laboratory director at the institute. “Hi-Tech Electronic Gateway” quoted the American scientist as saying that this technological discovery allowed to have high-durable Polyethylene Nano-fibers, which thickness is not more than 100 nanometers, noting that the thickness of the normal fibers is about 15 micrometers.

“Rotlang” explained that the diameter of the new nanofibers is many times less than the diameter of the high-durable polyethylene fibers; “Spectra” and “Denim”, which are currently used, yet they are able to absorb more energy without being torn apart.

Since the Pentagon funded the project, the new material shall be primarily used to manufacture new generation of anti-bullet vests.

Source: “Combat Arms Russia”



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