The killer clown

By: Naram Sargon

One of the well-known horror stories is the story of the assassin who disguises in the clothes of a clown and looks at his victims with his cold eyes behind the mask of an innocent clown. And of course , Americans who thrive in horror films and Hollywood stories have found in the story of the killer clown a solution to the dilemma of ISIL which disappeared from al-Raqqa , the eastern region and Iraq and faded as if it did not exist. Although it is true that this armed militia has suffered a severe defeat and great losses, but the traces of its unestroyed  body haven’t been found yet ,besides it is not true that all this army fled out of the region ,actually it is still there under the auspices of the Americans who set the Euphrates as a separating line between us and ISIL. Not only that , but also in the same place –behind the Euphrates-where ISIS disappeared , a clown wearing the uniform of border guards suddenly appeared claiming they  guards the Kurdish border, but the really funniest clown of all is the American who is naïve enough to thinks that we were fooled when he dressed the murderer a costume of a Kurdish clown believing that he has concealed the crime , and that the case is closed now and recorded against anonymous.

The most stupid thing in the American step is that it thought that we fought and liberated  central Syria in order to only stand on the bank of the Euphrates and watch the clowns of Kurdish separatist leaders and others despite that we know that the main function of ISIS was just to function as an entity along the Euphrates River to separate between Syria and Iraq . The game was not clear to many, but the axis of the resistance was aware that the American desperate protection of ISIS was an attempt to create any separating entity between Syria, Iraq and Iran.

ISIS bases have been absorbed through the American presence beyond the Euphrates line in the east and have been stripped of its characteristic , while the process of recycling its elements and cadres is being carried out as they have been rehabilitated as non-Islamic fighters in a deal offered to them before they were withdrawn from Al-Raqqa and Anbar, followed that a formation of a mixture of ISIS, jihadism and Kurdish forces, while the Kurds were pushed under many names to declare the region as their own while they were presented by Washington as its allies, the Kurds will only be the clothes and the mask of the killer clown, and the dream of the Kurdish state or the Kurdish entity will be the decoy swallowed by the Kurds to accept this role. That is, the Kurds will take the role of the crust to ISIS and will manage the region for the Americans, and it will form a sink of violence whenever it’s necessary, or else chaos will remain and the region will be drained out till it become an American pocket full of declared and concealed bases. Above all that Israel will have pliers that it will use on the Syrian neck whenever the pressure on Israel is increased.






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