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The Syrian scientist Hassan Kamel al-Sabah was born in 1894 in Nabatieh, south of Syria, before the French division of Syria. He was considered one of the pioneer inventors , leading researchers and an avant-garde scientists in the world.

He was fond of mathematics and natural sciences, and was the first to manufacture a television that stores the sunlight  and turns it into a current and an electric force.

at then ,the American president sent him a letter confirming his admiration for his inventions , besides major electricity companies sent him many certificates that recognize the validity of his inventions, including Westinghouse in Chicago and three other German companies.

He worked as a mathematics teacher in Damascus and discovered the methods of nuclear fusion and fission used to make hydrogen, nuclear and neutron bombs.

The number of the machines he invented in electrical engineering, television, aeronautics and energy engineering has reached more than 76 inventions in 13 countries, in addition to many mathematical theories in the field of electrical engineering, that’s why he was called “Edison of the East”.

He showed an interest in reading scientific theories in the atomic and relativity field, and was one of the few who grasped this highly complex theory and wrote articles about it explaining the subject of relative time, relative place, temporal and spatial dimensions, mass and energy. He was the only one who dared to discuss Einstein’s mathematical views and to criticize them and to talk about relativity as Einstein himself. He also developed new theories and principles in electrical engineering.

Many scientists around the world recognized him as a genius, including the famous French scientist Maurice Leblanc.

AL-Sabah scientific researches included many areas of knowledge in the fields of pure mathematics, statistics, logic, physics, aeronautical engineering, electricity, electronics and television, he also talked about the “hydraulic” and the resulting energy sources. the Syrian scientist (Hassan Kamel al-Sabah) was assassinated in the United States, and the incident of his assassination remains ambiguous to this day.

Source: ” an-nour “






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