Beware of Inherited Mistakes

It is said that a ruler of a remote country suffered a serious illness and the only cure the doctors found was to cut off his nose. The ruler surrendered to the order of the doctors and did what they said. When he recovered, he looked at his ugly face without a nose, and to escape this embarrassing situation, he ordered his minister and senior staff to cut off their noses. Moreover, everyone ordered their inferiors to cut off their noses.

This affected all the employees of the state, and each of them went home and ordered their wives and every member of their household to cut off their nose.

Over time, this became a habit, and part of the features of the people of this town; as soon as a new baby is born their nose is cut off immediately after the umbilical cord. Years later, a stranger passed by this town; he was seen by everyone as ugly and abnormal because he had something hanging from his face, which was in reality his nose!

By virtue of power, and by habit, this has become part of this small community in this remote town: what was wrong became right and what was right became wrong.

They laughed at the stranger and at the nose on his face… Oh God look at this strange creature with a nose! Said most of the people, but they forgot that they too had noses originally.

How many wrong doings we do while deeming them more right than right itself, and defendingthem because they are part of our habits? Fellow brothers, feel your noses, and think with your minds.Ask yourself: how many things have been cut from you? Try to discover the mistakes you inherited from your fathers, have them removed from the wheel of habit and familiarity, expose them to the scrutiny of the mind, and re-build your relationship with them in order for us to regain together the sense of smell and the ability to think.



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