A Technology Levitates Everything Even Humans

Scientists have been able to use the world’s most powerful tractor beam to pick up a small object, allowing it to hover in space at their command. The researchers said that this developed technology will be able to pick up bigger objects and even people.

Acoustic tractor beams use precisely focused sound to vibrate things into the air. That means they can grab at most things, unlike magnetic beams, which rely on holding metals.

Until now they have been limited to only tiny objects. The new research shows, however, that using a fast vortex that spins – like a whirlpool of sound – allows them to stay in place.

That allows the tractor beam to avoid the problem of objects spinning out of control. Instead, the new tool makes a twister around the object – while the outsides are loud, it is silent at the center and allows the object to float without flying out.

It is suggested that this technology might allow Doctors to be able to manipulate things inside the body without actually cutting people open, in addition to its importance in the field of production and manufacture.

Source: “The Independent”



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