Robert Fisk: No Kurdish Statein Northern Syria

The British writer Robert Fisk said in an article in The Independent that there is a new war looming in the wake of the announcement made by the USAof its intention to create a special Kurdish force composed of 30 thousand fighters to protect what it called the Syrian border with Turkey and Iraq. He clarified that USA’s announcement of the establishment of a Kurdish force is an invitation to continue the war in Syria. He believes that all parties have the right to reject the American announcement; it is, as described by Damascus, a blatant attack on Syrian sovereignty. Russia also considered this announcement as an attempt to divide Syria, and Russia is the expert on how countries are divided by virtue of its experience in Ukraine. This move is a threat to the national Turkish security.

“The Kurds helped the Syrian army to strike at armed groups and often cooperated and coordinated their attacks with the Syrian army backed by Russia, especially during the battles against Daesh and the process of restoring Al-Raqqa,” Fisk says. Hehighlights the American support to the Kurds in their fight against Daesh, where Washington established a Kurdish militia to fight the terrorist organization; however, Fisk warns the Kurds against American betrayal by saying, “The Kurds must know before anyone else that they will be betrayed.

This new force will be abandoned when the Americans feel that it is no longer needed. Syria cannot accept the existence of a small Kurdish state on its territory, nor will Turkey tolerate a small Kurdish state along its southern border no matter how secular or liberal it is.”

  • Source “agencies”.


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