Daily Archives: Monday February 5th, 2018

French magazine: Lebanon’s debt reaches $ 80 billion !The biggest financial scandal

L’Obs magazine sent (5) correspondents, 4 of whom were financial economists with considerable financial experience with a journalist specializing in Lebanese affairs. They spent two weeks in Lebanon, where they met secretly with many officials in private Lebanese banks and with officials in the ministries without the knowledge of the French Embassy , as they used many ways and means ...

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Washington Post: Trump’s management is struggling to determine the limits of its mission in Syria

The Washington Post has noted that over the past years, the United States can accurately sum up its goal in Syria in one non-controversial point  that is: the fight against ISIS , But now that the extremists have been overthrown from their last strongholds, the Trump administration is struggling to determine the limits of its mission and how its “forever” ...

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