French magazine: Lebanon’s debt reaches $ 80 billion !The biggest financial scandal

L’Obs magazine sent (5) correspondents, 4 of whom were financial economists with considerable financial experience with a journalist specializing in Lebanese affairs.

They spent two weeks in Lebanon, where they met secretly with many officials in private Lebanese banks and with officials in the ministries without the knowledge of the French Embassy , as they used many ways and means to make their meetings secret ones. After many studies were conducted for two weeks by the five specialists in financial and monetary affairs and after finding out how the money was spent, the magazine wrote an 8-page report entitled “Lebanon’s debt is $ 80 billion ,the biggest financial scandal.”

The report includes how the money was stolen and how the public funds were wasted  in Lebanon and how the deficit was intended besides the failure of officials over the past 30 years to address the public debt, and how the debt of Lebanon will rise from 80 billion to 86 billion at the end of 2018.

The magazine said that politicians , political actors , political forces and parties have achieved billions to their own pockets while driving Lebanon to become in a debt of $ 80 billion, and stated that everyone of the important leaders that has dealt with public interest has collected at least a billion dollars. The magazine then wondered how the reconstruction of Syria could cost $ 65 billion including  electricity ,water, rebuilding destroyed buildings and roads construction, while Lebanon’s debt  reached $ 80 billion without even building any electricity plant , any water plant to pump water to the region , any roads or highways or reconstructing any city or villager that was recently destroyed by war.

The magazine refrained from mentioning the names of the Lebanese figures, whom it said it had received a list of their names and how they have achieved wealth and still achieving it so far.



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