Oh! You traitors of the Kurds! You will come to regret it…

The pain of the Syrian Kurds is greater than that of the other Syrians for what the traitors did, so the sincere KurdsIn Syria must know that whoever betrays his Syria,he brought together Kurds from Iran, from Iraq and from Turkey, and gathered them all on the Syrian soil.And despite all this.

they remained very few, initially using the Syrian Arabs who helped them to fight ISIS , but then, when their betrayal was apparent  they fled from them, but with all the sorrow they showed their chauvinism biased tooth against all Syrians, including the national Kurds,some of them regretted the betrayal of his homeland when engaged in an alliance with America, and fled to the Syrian military units , while others couldn’t do anything as the betrayers of the homeland started imprisoned whoever refuse to be a traitor like them.

Anyone who’s reading this -which is a speech driven from reality where those who have betrayed their homeland live- must stir up the Syrian national sentiment in them and remind them of their mistake by asking “where’s America that they’ve  allied with? what are the Turks doing with the Kurds of Afrin, women, men and children. Or the Kurds of Afrin are not Kurds because they are Syrians ?!”

Dear Syrian Kurds, it is about time for you to join your Syrian homeland.

It is the right time to shout “We are Syrians first, Syria is bringing us together“ as loud as you can in the face of he who betrayed his Syrian country tell them “Those who join America join Zionism, and then he will have no patron”.



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