TheUS Forces Presence in Syria is Dangerous and Illegal

“Cory Booker”, a  member of theUS Senate, and “Oona Hathaway”, a professor of law at the renowned “Yale University”, wrote an article, published in the “New York Times” Newspaper, in which they indicated to the announcement made by “Rex Tillerson”, the US Secretary of State, that the US Forces are going to stay in Syria even after the waragainst ISIS is over.

The writers said that if the US administration put words into deeds, the US people would be brought into a blurred conflict that would lead to “a direct confrontation” between the US forces on one hand and the Syrian army and its allies; the Iranians and Russians,on the other.

The writers indicated that, in this case, the US administration violates all laws. They also warned that any US-backed efforts to prevent the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad from recapturing all Syrian landswould bring the United States into”a prolonged, bloody and aggravatedconflict”.

The writers emphasized the danger of the indefinite presence of the US forces in Syria. They added that the US president does not have the authority to make a unilateral decision to make the US forces confront President Assad “by force”.

They added that Trump must givea convincing argument to the Congress, the American people and the international community,since the involvement of the American forces based on a unilateral decision does not only reflect a bad policy, but also violates theUS constitution and the international law”.

The writers stressed that the congress should inform the US president that he does not have the authority to bring the US forces into illegal war in Syria”.

Source, “alahednews”



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