Sun of Syria

Characters stand helpless in front of the greatness of the founding leader Hafez al-Assad, the one and only that no woman could give birth to a man like him , a human that history couldn’t and will not repeat , a great person who managed to make Syria the axe of the region and restored life to it , the Arabic leader who sought to unite the Arab nation, His first and foremost concern was the elimination of Israel and the return of stolen Palestine to its people.

Anyone who follows the intellectual and political discourse of President Hafez al-Assad will discover, without a doubt, that the obsession with achieving a just and comprehensive peace has occupied him throughout his life and struggle.

The president presented the concept of a just, comprehensive and honorable peace with the utmost simplicity,  logic and clarity, supported it by examples and proofs at times and by reason and logic at others, to come with the most persuasion, accuracy and transparency vision. The initial and national policy of the immortal President in the peace talks has captured the admiration of many intellectuals and politicians, as well as the great satisfaction and optimism of various segments of the Arab, regional and international worlds, not to forget the critical situation in which his highness has put the successive governments of Israel in, revealing their false claims of peace and their intransigent and aggressive policies.

The enemy before the friend recognized the validity of the Syrian position and its approach of the peace process based on the principles of right, justice, inclusiveness and equality, including Israel, which was forced by the founding president’s steadfastness , adherence to the principles and his national approach and vision of peace as a strategic option, forced by all of that to recognize the impossibility of reaching peace with Syria without implementing the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy, and implementing peace dues to make it viable in the region . This was clearly demonstrated by Rabin’s pledge, a pledge made by former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in June 1994 to US Secretary of State Warren Christopher, which included his consent to withdraw from Syrian territory occupied by Israel in 1967 in return for full bilateral and diplomatic relations and security guarantees To Israel.

Source: Syrian facts



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