Huge Spike ofDevastating Earthquakes as Earth’s RotationSlows Down

The current year experiences acceleration in earthquake in comparison with 2017. Since January 01, 2018 three earthquakes measuring 7 on the Richter scale had occurred.

Geological experts at the University of Colorado have indicated that big earthquakes will frequently occur as a result of the slowdown of Earth rotation, leading to the disturbance of the geological condition of the equatorial belt of Earth.According to the Geologist “Roger Bilham”, when the earth moves more slowly, it causes the contraction of the equator belt of Earth and putspressure on the edges of tectonic plates.Earth’s rotation speed is in constant change, but experts say that we will experiencea potential deceleration for a decade that could trigger a wave of “earthquakes” soon. “Bilham” expects to see an average of unprecedented 20 high-grade earthquakes between 2018 and 2021.Experts also warn that this phenomenon will have a significant impact on countries close to the equator, meaning that the famous tourist areas such as Bali in Indonesia may become at great risk.

Source: “The Sun”



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