Daily Archives: Wednesday February 14th, 2018

A non-solution document proposed by the group of five

A Group of Five Forces of Aggression propose a “practical solution” to the Syrian Crisis On January 26, a document containing a political plan presented by the US, Saudi Arabia, France, Jordan and the UK to the UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura was leaked, according to Reuters and the Lebanese Mayadeen TV. The plan contained what the five countries ...

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Faces in the lanterns of our memory

in the nineteenth century, the Arab world- which was under the control of the Ottoman Empire- faced a sweeping military, economic, political and intellectual attack by the European nations. Faced with the inability to overcome them, Arab intellectuals asked: What are the reasons for our backwardness and the development of the West? These thinkers were divided into two schools: one ...

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What Goes Around Comes Around

Once upon a time,in one of the villagesthere was a man who had an ill elderly father. The devilwhispered to him “You have been so tired taking care of your father,why do not you kill him in order to find rest in life.”So, he decided to kill his father while he was sleeping but he could not do it. After ...

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