Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) – Undermining the Foundations the Republic of Turkey (Part 1)

  • By “Ahmad Sulaiman Al-Ibrahim” – a researcher on Turkish affairs                                                   

 Armies are no longer the only forcethat defends countries. The new wars,to which the global imperialism has resorted to during the period of its deterioration and savagery, have transformed the honestcitizens of each country into soldiers; each is in his respective position.

 It is known that the new wars are no longer aiming at killing the human body through resorting to clearly defined armies, as much as they are aiming at killing humanspsychologically at various levelsbyresorting to international terroristgangs.

The new wars seek to destroy humansmentally bytargeting the human value system. This is made by resorting to psychology, especially in light of the tremendous development of means of communication.Thus, every human must be a soldier fighting against any aggressor who targets his own national and value system.

The global capitalist system, which has shifted from the industrial-productive capitalist system to the capitalist system of service, rapid profitability and the casino economics, wants to transform the world from its solid state (National states – national armies – the concept of citizenship – fixed borders – language –signifierand signified – meta-narratives such as philosophy, Marxism, liberalism, religions and others), which is difficult to be influenced by foreign effects, into its liquid state(Ethnic and sectarian groups – regional interest-pro gangs– individualism –open and common borders – floating and collapsinglanguage–separating the signifier from thesignified –individual micro-narratives), which is easy to be controlled, and it enjoys super liquidity that allows the capital system to freely move in order towidely spread the culture of consumption. Thus, moving from the culture of (Buy – Use – Keep), such as thetools, values and history that were widespread previously, even if we added the unforgettablememories preserved in thecloth napkinsand the puppets that granddaughters inherit from grandmothers, into the culture of (Buy – Use – Get rid of), for example, the currently used tools, such as the disposable lighters, plastic dishes and paper towels and while you are using tools and throwing them away, do not  forget to alsoget rid of your values, morals, friendships, history and memories, as there is always something new.

Do we understand the reason behind today’s opening of borders between countries? To easily let the terrorists slip across them, and do we understand the reason behinddestroying the antiquities, and the attempts aiming to erase history and humiliate of armies (for example, the Turkish army)?

To be continued…



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