What Goes Around Comes Around

Once upon a time,in one of the villagesthere was a man who had an ill elderly father. The devilwhispered to him “You have been so tired taking care of your father,why do not you kill him in order to find rest in life.”So, he decided to kill his father while he was sleeping but he could not do it. After that, the devil tempted him to take his fatherto the mountain and leave him in a cave in order to be eaten by beasts and hyenas. Indeed, he went to his elderly father and said to him, “Father, my older brother is dying and he wants to see you.” His father said, “Take me to him, my son, and pleasehurry up, please, my son.”Indeed, he put his father in a big bag and carried him to the mountain to put him there and leave him to be eaten by monsters and hyenas. “Come on, son, come with me,” he said to his nine-year-old son.The father and the son went, with the grandfather in the bag. Every now and then the grandfather asks “Are we there yet?

Please, hurry up, my son,” and finally they reached the mountain and the man threw the bag,where the poor grandfather was in, atthe entrance of a cave.

Then he said to his young son, “Come on, my son:let’sgo home, but the young boy refused to return home until his father takes the grandfather out of the bag in order to take the bag with him because there is no other bag in the house.

The father said to him, “why do you want the bag since we got rid of you grandfather?!!The young son said, “O, father when I grow up and you grow old like your father, where shall I put you in order to throw youthere and be eaten by monsters and hyenas.

The man cried and took his father out of the bagand carried him on his shoulders in the way back home, and he was good to him until he passed away.



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