Faces in the lanterns of our memory

in the nineteenth century, the Arab world- which was under the control of the Ottoman Empire- faced a sweeping military, economic, political and intellectual attack by the European nations. Faced with the inability to overcome them, Arab intellectuals asked: What are the reasons for our backwardness and the development of the West? These thinkers were divided into two schools: one that tried to study Western systems and the reasons for their superiority in a systematic and rational manner, and another who considered that not following  the true teachings of Islam that brought us to what we are.

“Antoine Saadeh” witnessed  two world wars in which he saw the competition of Western countries to seize our region from the settlement of the Zionist movement in Palestine, to the loss of Alexandretta in 1939, and found that his country is eroded by outsiders from all sides without any resistance because of the lack of awareness of its people and their division on each other, And therefore their inability to defend themselves. Antoine Saadeh approached the national issue from a pragmatic point of view. He says that the modern world is based on the foundations of national identity.

If we want to defend our existence as a people, we must adopt this option, otherwise, we would be eliminated. Antoine Saadeh considers that every religious state bears inside itself the seeds of its demise and disintegration because it attempts to combine two contradictory principles: spiritual function and temporal power, but no matter how long it lasted, the popular will shell force the religious authority to give up its powers. This is what happened in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages and the dissolution of the Catholic Empire in favour of the national states representing their peoples, and the same fate was for  the Ottoman Empire. “The religion in its origin is not national, and is contrary to nationalism and the formation of the nation because it is human and universal.” While in natural Syria, where there are many religions, sects, and troupes, the main factor which “Saadeh” considers to be the cause behind the division of society and the people is the promotion of religious and sectarian affairs.

The United States follows the same policy today, and does not allow for any coordination between the entities of the Levant despite the rise of Takfiri terrorism; because it wants to keep these entities in a state of alert against each other.

If they unite or at the minimum, they coordinate among themselves they wouldn’t only win the battle against terrorism, but also against the  Zionist entity , as they will also achieve their national independence and status in the world. The slogan of “Saadeh” was apparent with every signature of his messages: “Society is knowledge, knowledge is strength.” Today, we are very far from this.

The widespread ignorance in the context of the war on Syria is aimed at disrupting thought comprehensively, under the pretext that all answers are ready in the holy books. There is no need for study, diligence and scrutiny, at the contrary, all of this is very condemned.



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