The Turkish cat is out of bag!

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

A national stand in the face of the Turkish “hidden plot” in order to preserve the unity of the Syrian soil, which America and Turkey are trying to shred…

In these circumstances, the question arises; why America is all anti-Syrian. Why the various tools has been sharpened to torn Syria apart since the days of President Hafez al-Assad, the founder of a modern free Syria with a sovereign decision , why are they doing everything they can to get rid of the Syrian sovereign decision, a mission that they so far failed to do…when the founding leader left this world, they thought then that they may have been able to remove the sovereign decision from President Bashar al-Assad ,but they were shocked with a free honest patriotic honorable leadership , and when they could not do anything ; they waged an unjust war , using all what they have in a brutal war for seven years without any success, on the contrary; the Syrian victory rainbow was even brighter… after eliminating ISIS straw man they resorted to the soft war, Erdogan’s claims to preserve the unity of the Syrian territory disappeared, and instead they pursued with an established Atlantic delicacy that was very clear in many situations , for example Rasmussen, former NATO Secretary-General, who gave a lecture at a university in Entebbe in front of the Turkish eye and ear in which he declared that the Atlantic had no choice but to tear Syria apart and divide it on ethnic grounds.

What is Turkey doing? Does it really want to fight those it calls terrorists?

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