Parody of Bab khan Sheikhoun

All of this is a serious American babbling in a never-ending series of the voices of Pentagon and White House officials, perhaps it would be followed by another play on the ground in Ghouta-Damascus or Idlib, the American prattle this time is saying the Syrian army MIGHT be developing new weapons! MIGHT!! But why is Washington reopening the chemical file again?

Firstly, there are internal reasons to divert attention from the great clash between the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the one hand and the White House on the other because of the latter’s intention to publish a confidential memo showing that they are taking politicized positions against Trump and accusing them of abuse of power. Secondly:  to get out of the predicament of Afrin in particular and the plight of the Kurds in general ,Turkey has sunk in the swamp and resentment of the European aggression has reached the ears of Washington and this will negatively affect the presence of NATO in the north of Syria as well as the plans to divide the region and establish a federal as a first step. The United States wants to punish Turkey but does not want to lose it as a military ally forever, and certainly Turkey is more important than the Kurds for Washington and NATO, so it began to sacrifice them for limited military operations. Thirdly, NATO and America are unable to open a large front against Russia in Ukraine or against Russia and China in North Korea, which is a dangerous front that could lead to a nuclear war … Therefore, the already burning front is the Middle East and Syria in particular, and here everyone gets along; Europe, the White House and the Pentagon.

Fourthly: to stop the rapid progress of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in Idlib and keep the terrorist strongholds in the eastern Ghouta, this is what Turkey tried to do but it was hit by the Russian rejection, so there is a sort of coordination between Washington and Turkey in this regard. Fifthly: to aborting any political ease in Syria, especially after the Sochi conference, which Washington tried in various ways to thwart but did not succeed. Sixthly: to blow up blow the role of Moscow in the region before the Kremlin elections in March ,The Russian Tsar has extended more than expected and Putin’s victory in the upcoming elections is almost conclusive and therefore a strong blow to the Syrian Arab army and its allies will put the Russian president in a critical situation in front of voters and here Washington bets that he will not be Risking any military response that would weaken its success rate. what the United States is doing is a big gambling game and the people of the White House have extensive experience in gambling halls, history says that the gambler wins times and times, but a day will come when he loses all his money and property, and that will lead him to suicide. Nothing could ever save America then even if it fabricated a thousand (Bab Shikhoun parody).

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