Geopolitical conflict increasing in the East , Arabs are standing on the side and clapping

By: Wafiq Ibrahim

The growing fighting in the Arab fields reveals two contradictory themes that simultaneously meet on singular geography in a weird way that evokes insanity.

The first is the acceleration of the big powers to spread in large areas that begin from the heights of Yemen and stop only at the borders of the Sea of Lebanon, in order to strengthen its hegemony in the later stages of political solution. Israel is looking for opportunities to extract a “mozarabic” role that would end the Palestinian cause, while facing a fierce and strong defense by the Syrian state and its allies, whose triumphant victory is a defeat of the Western Geopolitics.

As for the second contradiction, the Arab regimes show that they are merely clowning tools which are outside of time. Some of them play the role of conspiring with foreign invaders, while others look at the events of their country as if they were from another planet. A century ago, we lost Palestine and Alexander, all that was left for us were “forms” of Arab states that are more like sheikhdoms and legacies that could have been developed without their Western founders who maintained them by force as mere political tools of the Middle Ages. Today, Arab countries are threatened of  transforming to hundreds of cantons whose loyalties are linked to the frenzy conflict between the geopolitical and the regional, which may lead to the production of “mosaics” fighting each other until the end of time or until oil and other resources reach the stage of exhaustion, all that would be left is “Islam” which is intended to be converted from a religion to a political tool to control the billion and four hundred million Muslims, and that is for two reasons; first , to confront  the Chinese and Russian geopolitics with religious pretexts, and to stand against Iran with purely doctrinal arguments, the second reason is to hold Muslims as the eternal consumers of Western industries, which requires the maintenance of Islamic states with a high degree of backwardness and subordination.

Gradually ,the American geopolitics were the first to break into the Arab scene after 1990. It tried to spread its control through direct military wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Pakistan (2001-2010), and in non-visible forms in the Arab region and the Islamic world. But when the American invasion provoked Arab and Islamic resistance, Washington turned to complete its domination of the region by manipulating its internal, sectarian, tribal, ethnic, and national components, and blew up what was falsely dubbed “the Arab Spring”. But the American goals were very obvious and can be summarized to: dividing countries to build a “wall of resistance” against the Iranian rise and the Russian and Chinese geopolitics, ending the Palestinian cause and preventing any place for Arab development in the strategic Middle East region.

That’s why the Syrian state is forced to fight against the geopolitics of the American cantons, not forgetting Russia, which finds itself forced to return to the battlefields to defend Damascus, and thus Moscow, to win new victories that make the swollen-heads return to their senses.



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