History workmanship

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

 Every workmanship has its own raw mater to be made of them, and all material except for the history of nations which is made of blood , intellectual and moral powers of , embodied by the power of faith and sincerity and determination permeated by will. Our country , joy of our lives, our beloved Syria have been subjected to the fiercest aggression known to nations. Here are the pages of distant and near history which testify to what we say. The honorable Syrians had to take the required position and had to choose between writing history or making it!

To write history is to write everything that happened to Syria, the conspiracy, its dimensions, its contributors, the destruction of infra/superstructure, and  all the forms of death and killing of Syrians!

While making history is about making the event, responding to the plot ,standing against its perpetrators , defending every inch of the homeland ,about the cohesion of the people with the army and leadership, about showing the top leaderships’ wisdom and cleverness while leading the battle , a craft that should be taught in Syria and other countries.

As well as the emergence of senior military leaders to form the wings of the eagle commander while flying in the battlefield with shown and hidden feather, besides the elements of the army with all its brave senior and junior officers who made victory, but made history with their pure blood, which was the raw material of the Syrian victory industry, the very modern Syrian history.

The Syrian people wrote to the leadership “these are our sons, make them the history of our country, all nations should respect and learn the history industry of Syria that is eliminating and responding to the capabilities of the eighty-two countries that made the aggression against Syria. Here is Damascus … Here is history.



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