Daily Archives: Saturday February 17th, 2018

“Washington Post”: The American Presence in Syria Violates the US Constitution

The “Washington Post” Newspaperasserted that the American Military Presence in Syria is a clearviolation of the International Law and the US Constitution. The newspaper pointed out that “Trump” Administration would lead the American People intoindefinite conflict. According to the US Constitution, the authority to declare war rests with the”Congress”, not the president. The War Powers Act of 1973providesthat the president ...

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Robert Fisk Reveals the True Face of Operation “Olive Branch”

In the first Western media report from Afrin in Syria, the British Journalist “Robert Fisk” warned of the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the region where the Turkish army and its allies launched the Military Operation “Olive Branch”. “Fisk” visited Afrin Hospital where he saw a dozenof the injured persons who are classified as “terrorists” by Ankara in its ...

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