“Washington Post”: The American Presence in Syria Violates the US Constitution

The “Washington Post” Newspaperasserted that the American Military Presence in Syria is a clearviolation of the International Law and the US Constitution.

The newspaper pointed out that “Trump” Administration would lead the American People intoindefinite conflict. According to the US Constitution, the authority to declare war rests with the”Congress”, not the president. The War Powers Act of 1973providesthat the president shall notify the Congress within 48 hours of sending the US forces into hostile activities without declaring war.

The president shall then end deploying the US armed forces within 60 days, with a 30-day withdrawal period, unless a congressional “authorization for use of military forces was announced again or launched war”.

The newspaper pointed that the foreign policy team in “Trump”Administration does not believe that it must abide by any of these rules and the new pledge announced by the US Secretary of State”Tillerson”, indicates his willingness to breakthese rules, indicating that it is clear that the president is ready to underestimate the constitutional restricts imposed on his authority.

The newspaper indicated that Trump’s administration could say “the forces are already in Syria, so they will be kept there and not to be entered,” but this would be a mockery of the law and the constitution, noting that if the constitutional violations were not a matter of concern, the declared plan would place America in direct violation of the international law.

The newspaper emphasized that if the President ordered the US forces to “occupy Syrian territories” in these circumstances, then he will order them to flagrantly violate the Charter of the United Nations.

This clear breach of the international law would not only cause the American forces harm but would give America’s enemies all over the world a chance to follow in the footsteps of the USA.



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