Robert Fisk Reveals the True Face of Operation “Olive Branch”

In the first Western media report from Afrin in Syria, the British Journalist “Robert Fisk” warned of the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the region where the Turkish army and its allies launched the Military Operation “Olive Branch”. “Fisk” visited Afrin Hospital where he saw a dozenof the injured persons who are classified as “terrorists” by Ankara in its official reports, but in fact they are civilians, including the elderly, children and women; many of them are Arabs, not Kurds. Fisk said that it isalmost “obscene” to compare the testimonies of those wounded with the Turkish official reports on the progress of the Operation “Olive Branch”.

The director of Afrin Hospital showed Fisk the hospital records during the period betweenJanuary 21stand January26th.

The record shows that the hospital received only four YPG fighters dead and two wounded on the first day of the Turkish Assaults, and other seven fighters dead and nine wounded on the following days of the same week, whilethe toll of the injured civilians reached 49.”While walking in the wards of the hospital, I wondered!Where have I heard all this stuff before? Was not this a replay of every Israeli air assault on the “terrorists” in southern Lebanon, of every NATO air strike on “Serb forces” in ex-Yugoslavia, of every US raid on Iraqi “forces” in 1991 and 2003, and on Afghanistan and Mosul last year? All were “surgical” operations – carried out with absolute precision toallegedly avoid“collateral damage”;but in fact they left dozensor hundreds or thousands of the dead and wounded,” Fisk said.

Source, “The Independent”



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