Online fools and their “Cacerolazo”

By: Dr. Khalid AL-Matrood

When we talk about virtual wars, we are talking about a security and media strategy to dominate the minds , control them, to instinctively guide them by desire and to disablethem ..There are strategies to control the peoples prepared by the American Zionist thinker (Noam Chomsky) that can be summarized by :distracting people, creating problems then offering them solutions to gradually control the minds … there is also the “strategy of the postponement” which means postponing any hateful decisions … Then they start addressing the peoples as a group of young children with a “baby tune” speeches … after that they play onstirring emotion instead of thought to keep the peoples in ignorance and folly, next they try to encourage the people to accept vulgarity and to instigate the insurgency with a sense of guilt, that is, to make the individual responsible for his own unhappiness … and finally to know more about individuals than they know about themselves through the technological development in communications science, physiology and psychology …

Based on these strategies, the United States and its allies have targeted the Middle East region in general and Syria in particular since 2011 to pass the project of dropping Syria hypothetically through Americanfourth generation wars  ,so the propaganda that enemies of Syria worked on was the headline in targeting minds.

thus major media started the implementation of these strategies through lying, counterfeiting, fabrication and flipping the facts.

It is remarkable that invitations were launched from abroad by fool followers of Araour and their ilk, which received a response from some of the internal fools who were towed behind these calls once to demonstrate ,other to make noise and bang pans and another  for violence , murder and destruction of public property …what was remarkable is that a group of those who pretend to be intellectuals –whom we thought that they were elites of intellectuals- were racing to carry the pans and pots and bangas an implementation of the suspicious calls from outside .. which was a reason for tension ,escalation and sabotage in the country …Today, after seven years of war on Syria .. We see that the scheme to target Syria and the try to topple it hypothetically is still in progress .. And the media and various means of communication are the headlines in targeting and executing such hostile strategies.

As we heardbeforeon the ”rebels” coordinations , crazy followers of Aroorcall out from outside, without revealing who is behind them , and then they found response from the inside of fools following their lead.. Today we find that there are dark rooms lying outside writing whatever theywant, then directing all of that to Syria inside under glamorous titles…

But it is remarkable that such calls contain false, fabricated and misleading information to the public..and before even making sure these information are genuine , Aroors (crazy traitors) of the inside start sharing it and commenting on it without even having any base or source to these non-sense that was aimed at controlling minds and guiding them to serve the followed strategies.

When we see such acts today we remember those fools who went out banged the pans ( the only way they know to get attention) without any consciousness or perception .. fools of the pans then are online fools today but under different names..

Therefore, the national consciousness is required today with a sense of national and moral responsibility that we do not allow ourselves to absent the mind and walk behind rumors and illusions ..

The rumor is made by a villain .. passed on by an idiot .. And believed byan ignorant

Of course, social media is a civilized, scientific and global situation, which can be used to modernize, not to sabotage and undermine states, their symbols, and whoever works in their orbits.

The Almighty gave us the ultimate proof of the need to check and verify any news and information before believing it:

In the name of Allah (O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done).



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