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A mere warplane, or an entire scheme was downed?

By Dr. Ahmad  al-Hajj Ali (The downing of the invading F-16)  was not a  mere  outstanding  military encounter. It has soon evolved into what military and political analysts viewed as a “phenomenon” manifesting all elements of the war of terror waged on and in Syria. The issue has versatile aspects to look upon: The downing of the Zionist F-16  tells ...

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A Zionist recognition of the ability and effectiveness of Syrian missile defenses.

Commenting on recent events in the northern region, the head of the Space Research Institute at the Fisher Institute and Israel’s international expert on aviation and missiles (Tal Inbar)said : “The air defenses and anti-aircraft systems are relatively advanced and accurate, as it managed for the first time in 35 years to down an Israeli warplane. ” pointing out that ...

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The Speed of Light can be reduced to Zero byScientists

Light normally travels at nearly 300,000 kilometres per second. Now in the journal “Physical Review Letters”, scientists have outlined another theoretical method that makes use of a phenomenon termed “exceptional points”, according to the British Newspaper “The Independent.” Exceptional points occur when two different varieties or “modes” of light waves come together and combine into one mode, or “coalesce”. When ...

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