A mere warplane, or an entire scheme was downed?

By Dr. Ahmad  al-Hajj Ali

(The downing of the invading F-16)  was not a  mere  outstanding  military encounter. It has soon evolved into what military and political analysts viewed as a “phenomenon” manifesting all elements of the war of terror waged on and in Syria.

The issue has versatile aspects to look upon: The downing of the Zionist F-16  tells about the key transformations  undergone by the Syrian National performance in terms of the advance degree  of  national self-confidence it has gained and is still gaining. Such an outstanding self-confidence was acquired as a result of a host of  factors and manifestations that  culminated in  this  positive  development.

At this specific  moment of the  war of aggression against Syria,  the enemy forces  are totally  exposed and  their ill-intention are  laid totally bare. Equally so  are the alignments of these enemies  forces and their flocking together to accomplish both the military and political “missions” of aggression against Syria.

The true colors of the United States  have been fully exposed, especially in terms of its  symbiotic relation with the Zionist  entity, besides  its symbiotic relation with all other terrorist  entities regardless of their names, shapes, postures  or positioning on the Syrian geography.

The downing of the Israeli warplane has  many significant  aspects. This  plane is a joint US-Israeli  manufacture representing the  cut-edge  technological advance of their joint work. Analysts and observers  describe the F-16 as the crown jewel of  the  joint US-Israeli  state of the art technology. It is the  pride of their alleged  “air supremacy” and the  presumed “protective shield” of the Israeli army.

Of other corollaries, it tells about the outstanding methodology of  the Syrian military performance and demonstrates  the characteristics  and traits through which this performance has evolved on the military, political and social levels.

The Israeli entity, its  western supporters and even some scientists  in  the Arab world have cherished the false  illusion that the  hour of  direct  military  intervention in Syria has come.

They have been waiting inpatiently  to  subvert the glorious successes being achieved by the  Syrian Arab Army allover the Syrian territories.

By that time, the terrorists  were  collapsing and were facing  ultimate defeat  in each and every battle  across the Syrian geography. Surely and steadily, the Syrian national homeland was marching confidently to  restore  each and every inch of the land in as much as it was regaining  sovereignty and dignity.

Hence came the hysteric frenzy of Syria’s enemies. The army’s successes  have driven them mad. The United States went from the covet into the overt.

By flagrantly attacking  the Syrian popular and regular forces, especially in the northern flank of the  country, extending from the Tanf area in the South up to the al-Qaem area in the North, the US has been showing its true colors and getting overtly  involved in the on-going acts of aggression against Syria.

Parallel to this, the vicious scheme of Turkey’s Erdogan has been fully exposed. Their on-going aggression on Efrin/Afrin and other Syrian areas in northern Syria leave no doubts  about their ill-intentions.

Synchronously,  the forces of aggression have managed to create  some artificial “Kurdish militias”  that have unfortunately been totally misled and been lured into the deviated  path of treason.

By fully aligning  themselves with the  hostile US policies, this deviated  strata of “Kurds” have fully lost their compass and committed the grand national treason.

Hence, the Zionist entity found it   conducive to take off its mask  and  reveal its clandestine role in this war of aggression by showing its symbiotic relationship with the terrorist  organizations.

At this moment, Israel is trying to send the terrorist  forces a message of “support” and is trying to tell them that it might even be prepared to engage in this military battle  directly in their favor, using thereby the most lethal and most  sophisticated weapons.

Hence came the latest  act of aggression and hence was the  significance  of the National Syrian  response.  In as much as this response was a deterrence, it was an outcome of the evolving Syrian performance and posture on all  regional and  international landscapes.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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