Tempêtesur le Grand Moyen Orient(storm on the great middle east ),some hidden facts behind the conspiracy on Syria

former French ambassador, Michel Raimbaud, published a book entitled “Storm on the Greater Middle East” in which he said: In January 2014, former Italian Defence Minister Senator Mario Moro reported that he was visiting Iraqi Kurdistan in 2009, while there, he visited a building workshop and asked about the reason behind constructing all of these buildings, the answer was: it was for the war refugees of Syria, that is less than two years before the beginning of the Syrian war. In his book, Ambassador Raimbaud says that the Syrian revolution was planned with the help of the American (Syria Democracy Program), funded by a non-governmental organization linked to the CIA. He also says that the imperialist aggression against Syria has been programmed since the summer of 2001.

It is important to recall that Dennis Ross, one of the advisers and neo-conservatives of Barack Obama and then the special adviser to Hillary Clinton, was behind the idea of creating the opposed Syrian National Council, not to mention that all the armed factions are in the orbit of Islamic extremism, including the Free Army that is also an extremist of the Muslim Brotherhood and soon became under American and Turkish guardianship and followed the instructions of Adnan al-Ar’oor.The opposition invented by the West, the Gulf and Turkey has ended and died, and the axis of Syria, Hezbollah, Tehran, Baghdad and Moscow is very solid.

President Bashar al-Assad is reformist and secular. He knows how to feed Arab nationalism with the gains of Western education. He is open to modernity.When he came to power  he signed (1500) decrees to liberate political and social life, he is different from the obscurantist governments that sought to topple him. Besides, there was a serious concealment of information during the war, for example the killing of more than 120 officers and soldiers in cold blood in Jisr al-Shoghour .

The Washington Institute for Middle East Policy associated with the Jewish lobby (AIPAC) discovered that the Syrian territory includes huge oil reserves, and Qatar decided that the export of its oil through Syrian territory is important to counter the oil of Russia and Iran.

If the Islamic imperialist alliance succeeded in overthrowing the Syrian regime , it will abandon the Golan Heights and İskenderun, it will handle all members of the PKK , transfer water from Ataturk Dam to Israel, freeze relations with Tehran, Moscow and Beijing, cut it with Hezbollah and establish an Islamic regime.




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