The U.S. Strategy in Iraq and the Region

 By “Mohammad Sadeq Al-Hashemi”

 The followingis a summary of the most important reports in this respect:

A- What doesAmerica intend to do?

Whoever reviews the U.S. reports and statements made bysenior U.S. officials about the future of the U.S.presence in Iraq and the region, will find the following:

1- America still believes that the battle of Syria is not over yet, and it is determined to grab the security situation in Syria and maintain anopen-ended civil Syrian war untilit establishes its presence in the region.

2- America plans not to make the battle in Syria and Iraq against ISIS end in favor of the resistance fronts, which makes Iran an important player in the region.

3- America plans to stay in the region to prevent any regional alliance that combines Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria vs. the Saudi-Gulfinfluence.

4- America plans to make its military presence in the region one of the most important obstacles againsta later-stage Russian and Chinese presence, and it plans for decades to come taking into consideration the great power of China and the presence of the Russian bear in the region.

5- America plans to find local alliances with certain segments of the people according to the theory of the political division of the segments without the need for geographical division as a failure-proven plan, which may come at a later stage.

6- America plans to establish a sophisticated missile arsenal aiming to protect Israel from possible strikes having the military technology transferred to the region by Russia.

7–America plans to have borders with Iran and stay in Iraq under any flimsy pretext to interfere in the political files in Syria and Iraq, and it plans to smoothly interfere in the Iranian affairs and stir up certain segments of the people in a trouble-making move.

8- America plans to play the terrorist movements’protector, puppeteer and operator rolein the region, especially for the movements that target Iran and it aimsthrough the geographical bordering with Iran to facilitate those movements’ support, finance, arming and training.

9- America plans to stayon the geographical line that is located to the west of Iraq and east of Syria, so it breaks off,by its military presence,the Iranian-Iraqi-Syrian-Lebanese communication not to reach Israel.

10- America plans to control the clean energy in both Iraq and Syria,which is promising, significant and alternative energy for oil that is no longer important inthe global economic equations.

11- America plans to dominate the economic corridors of the region towards the world markets and the Mediterranean which is one of the most important of trade lines.

In this regard,America plans to suffocate and prevent Iran from reaching the Mediterranean or taking advantage of any economic corridors across the Iraqi geography.

12- America plans to reintroduce the institutional occupation into Iraq through the multi-national companies.

13- America recognizes that the U.S. policeman theory is no longer exists in the region, and there is no strong ally for it. Moreover, the role of (proxy wars) is over. Now, and it faces a major defeat at the political, security and economic levels, andit has no choice butto be present by force and trick and empower the rulers who do what it wishes.

14- In general, America wants to make the region sufferfrom a civil war of attrition as a way to achieve its goals through its directsupport for the terrorist cells.

B –America’s justifications and pretexts to stay in Iraq.

1-America plans over the long run to dismantle political alliances in Iraq and create important gaps to let its planachieve effective influence and success.

2- America moves to find legal justification for its presence in Iraq through vague agreements (such as trainers or likewise), activation of the agreement of (SOFA) or any other pretextto dominate the government in Iraq.

3- Activation of the Iraqi-American economic partnership.

4- Activation of the Iraqi-Gulf-European economic partnership.

5- America aims to give Britain a bigger role in Iraq.

6- America aims to deepen its presence within the Iraqi society and take advantage of every opportunity to create huge gaps between the community and politicians to reshape the political map every now and then.

7- America intends tocontrol the economic sector in Iraq in terms of investment, development and dominance ending up with political and security dominance to make itself a tool for changing the economic and political status quo.

8- America intends to dominatethe security files and security institutions.

9- America intends to open important corruption files to kill somepoliticians and others shall be killed by its dirty fire.

10-America intends to exploit the Turkish-Iraqi water file.

11- America intends to exploit the Iraqi debts file, particularly that America dominate the world funds.

12- America intends to exploit the Iraqi budgets deficit, the economic vulnerability and the stagnation of oil production in Iraq.

13- One of the most important traditional factorsis the social and political disintegration in Iraq and the region.



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