Who gets the Noble Prize?

By Dr. Ali al-Shoeibi

The Noble Prize seems to bean  “honor” beingawarded exclusively  to those who serve the Zionist entity.

Four Egyptians have, so far, been awarded the Noble Prize:

  • Mohammad Anwar al-Sadat for his signing of the Camp David treaty with Israel, by means of which he gave this entity the kiss of life and recognized it as a de facto reality.

  • NaguibMahfouz a novelist who won the Noble Prize for Literature in 1988.  His  most famous novel “The Children of Gebelawi”  (also known with its Arabic name “AwladHaretna” i.e. “The Children of our Alley”)  has been viewed by many critics as  ridiculing religions.

  • Ahmad Zuweil was awarded a Noble after having spent a full year in Israel, specificallyat the Weizmann Institute in Tel Aviv,  where  he contributed to the development of sophisticated  missiles that  Israel has used in its wars against Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere.

  • Mohamed El-Baradeiwas awarded  a  Noble Prize after having disseminated lies  that led to the destruction of Iraq. He  has also served the Zionist agenda in the region.

Do you know  now, to  whom Noble Prizes are awarded?

Translated  from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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