Humorous comments on and reactions to downing of the F-16

 The downing by Syrian Air Defenses of an invading Israeli F-16 warplane triggered a plethora of  humorous comments. Here are some of these presumable reactions:

  • The Mufti of Saudi Arabia would say: What the Syrian Arab Army has done is against the Sharia law, because it has fired a masculine missile against a female war-plane and this would be a sort of “machine adultery”.

  • Al Arabiya TV Channel would say: An Israeli plane manages to hit and down a pro-regime missile. The regime reserves the right to retaliate.

  • Al-Jazeera TV Channel would say: The Syrian regime bombs an Israeli F-16 plane with a barrel bomb. As a result, a number of unarmed pilots, mainly men and children, are killed.

  • The Lebanese al-Mustaqbal (Future) Party would announce: The missile has passed by the Lebanese air-space. This is considered  as an attempt to interfere in the Lebanese internal affairs.

  • The “Opposition” Syrian Coalition: The Syrian regime keeps targeting each and every one who supported our blessed revolution!!


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