Half the Truth

By Dr. Ali al-Shoeibi

Those who do not know the whole truth believe that the United States  has helped “Kurds” in Raqqa to drive Daesh (ISIS)  out. But this is not the whole truth. The truth is that some 80 percent of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (KSA also known with their Arabic acronym QASAD) are Arabs. Some of them have  fled to the Syrian Arab Army. Some others are  simply waiting (to do so) but  never abandoned their Syrian identity.

According to the “game” being played out, the US destroyed Raqqa. Daesh (ISIS)  fighters  were  moved to so many places, mainly to  Deirez-Zour countryside. Others were moved to Sinai and to Mosul shortly before its fall.  Some of the foreign grass-root ISIS  fighters, the majority of whom are Tunisian and Libyan terrorists,  were led to believe that the battle was real. So, they hid in tunnels and mazes.  Theyoccasional  get out from  their hide outs  at night under the cover of the curfew  imposed  by the Kurds. If spotted, any one of those would be immediately arrested and be eithertransferred  under the cover of the night to the remainder hide outs of ISIS remnants in Deirez-Zour countryside to the East of the Euphrates or else be smuggled out to Turkey, whichever he may prefer.

Digging further for the truth, we would encounter questions being posed by Raqqa  families. The local nativeswonder  where are the corpses of  killed ISIS  fighters? And  where are the corpses of killed SDF  fighters?  Almost all the bodies  exhumed from the rubble, so far, are  bodies of  civilian Raqqa martyrs..!

The US  has not helped the Kurds in any way. They have only disassociated  them from their own Syrian homeland and put them all in the cross-hairs. This applies to all Turkish, Iraqi and Iranian Kurds. This is an observation made by the locals of Raqqa. They say that  they rarely  see any local Raqqa Kurd serving  in the rank or file  of these militias deployed to Raqqa. They can hardly find any indigenous  Kurdish fighter from Raqqa serving either as a commander nor as a lower-rank fighter in these militias. All while  Erdogan’s bloody “Olive Branch” was  launched in Efrin/Afrin. So why we do not see any of these Kurds crying out in support of their fellow Kurds of Efrin Kurds?

Kurds in Raqqa  now ramble the largely deserted  houses of Raqqa  locals. If  they find any one in the age of fighting, they would take him  by force. Those who willingly volunteer to fight with them may get a salary of  up to 300,000 Syrian Liras!!

So, where are the Kurds in Raqqa? Could they be a mere illusion just as ISIS was? And why would Kurds accept the US support in Raqqa and the Euphrates Valley (also known as Jazira), while  they overlook Efrin/Afrin and  its  surroundings, where the Turks are slaughtering them?

The  answer  should be fetched from the Kurdish leaders  (war lords)  who  sold out their  Syrian homeland in exchange for… for nothing..!!

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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