A US military plan to launch an attack on Damascus has given priority to al-Ghouta

Why all this military buildup of the Syrian Arab Army in the eastern Ghouta?

Why were the forces withdrawn from Idlib to join the fighters in Ghouta? Contrary to what some believe and depending on the information referred to by Russia on more than one occasion and according to information published by the German “Firil” studies

center, the direct cause of the Syrian army’s move is to thwart a major military attack planned by Washington and London by bringing in several thousand terrorists from the Al-Tanf base. “Firil” estimated that  3,500 terrorists were well trained by the American and British military intelligence, with their heavy equipment and under the protection of the Washington Alliance aircraft to merge with the terrorist of al-Ghouta and to launch a major attack on Damascus, just like what happened in Al- Qaryatayn  in September 2017, in the same way but with doubled numbers.

Moscow accused Washington then to be the one that planned and assisted that attack, that’s why we see Russia’s involvement in the liberation process of al-Ghouta.

For this reason, the Syrian Arab Army gave priority to the battle of Eastern Ghouta aiming through that the following:

  • To withdraw an important paper from the hand of Washington, which always wants to return things to the way they were back in 2012 in one way or another, and which have no one now but the terrorists of the East Gouta to change what is in the Syrian milieu. Washington has smuggled and withdrawn ISIS from Badia, Deir al-Zour, East Homs, alongside what is called “Abdo Forces” and the so-called ” Lions Of the East Army”, gathering them near their base in al-Tanf, and providing them with military protection. The goal is to link al-Tanf with eastern and southern Gouta, and to provide a direct support that was not available before.

  • To abort the attempts of the American occupation forces to link the focal point of ISIS in Deir al-Zor  with SDF gangs by opening a gap through Albuqmal to connect  it with al-Tanf and then with Eastern Ghouta,that means merging ISIS with SDF and the terrorists of ” Lions Of the East Army ” up to the Hawran factions to control the Badia( Syrian desert) and cut the road of Damascus with Baghdad and Tehran. that’s why Washington has sought to create a force of tens of thousands of fighters on Al-Jazeera, to hold the border with Iraq and to invade Boukamal in order to implement its scheme, besides, al-Badia(Syrian Desert) , the Euphrates basin and Al-Jazeera contains rich oil and gas wells, and there is information on extracted vast amounts of both. In addition to strike the gas and oil pipeline project from Iran and Iraq to the Mediterranean via Syria.

Source: Firil.net



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