15,000 refugees returned to Syria

 The High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said that the number of Syrian returnees in the last two years amounted to 15,000 , he suggested resettling refugees in other countries as a mean of easing the burden on host countries like Jordan.

“In the past, we have taken many refugees from Jordan to third world countries, but this year we plan to move 10,000,” he said, calling on the United Nations and Denmark to continue doing the same considering that the solution of the refugees’ problem cannot be done through funds only.

“The residents of the Turabi dam( AL-Rukban camp) are Syrian refugees on a Syrian soil, but the UNHCR is discussing with the Jordanian government the issue of improving the performance of the clinic that provides medical services to the residents of the camp,” he said, adding that complex discussions on the security situation of the camp- related to providing some assistance to the camp- would bring the commissioner together with the government.

He added that the Commission had asked a question about the camp to “the Syrian government, but the answer continued to be related to the security situation in eastern Syria.”

“The solution to the camp is still unknown,” he said, stressing that “We will put all our energies with all stakeholders and influential countries in Syria to find a solution to this place.

Source:  arabic.sputniknews



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