Damascene Hope

Damascus, a city that gathers in its bashfulness the beauty of all women on earth… a gorgeous lady that when she raises her eyebrows in astonishment , other cities feel inferior in front the beauty of her eyes, when  she overcome with tears, or when she laughs out of nothing at all, the night eavesdrops to hear what she is saying. But all of its beauty couldn’t protect her from the black crows’ shells and their fiery missiles that is ripping the different sides of Damascus leaving behind a lot of destruction and mess while taking the lives of many martyrs.

And because the oblation of Damascus is very expensive; these spiteful shells choose its children to be birds of paradise, to be our mercy, while those rabble thinks that by doing this Damascus could be weakened or its determination could be put down not knowing that Damascus is strong with its children and lofty as Qasioun, as the children here are men that allows no one to defeat them or deprive them from their dignity. Here in Damascus, we are raised on dignity and patriotism, on giving everything we have for the sake of the survival of our Syria.

it’s true that our heart breaks for all our martyrs, but we are sure that God will reward them with paradise. we are willing to sacrifice with ourselves and with all what we have for the sake of Syria; the country that given us a lot and now it’s time for us to return the favor. Your shells will never deter us from defending our land, it will never intimidate us to stay silent or stay at home.

 Although these mortar shells fired by terrorist gangs carry a few kilograms of explosives, it carry tons of hatred towards the homeland and the citizen, trying to prevent us from life, but the tongue of the Syrian Arab people is defying with word and deed and it will continue to fill the veins and streets of Damascus and other cities with life, it will shout out loud” you’ll never see us shaking or getting weak in front of your blind crazy spiteful shells.

Damascus refuses to die like a coward, it will show its beauty by resistance. All the words in the world  won’t  have a taste of joy unless it have a Damascene flavor. Our Damascus is protected by the prayer of our Prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- when he said: O Lord protect our Levant and our Yemen . If Allah should aid you, no one can overcome you.



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