Remember that God Sees You

There was a blind man on whomGod bestowed wisdom and intelligence. The blind man was living in peace in his beautiful house behind which he had an orchard.One day, the blind man won a lot of money,so he went to the orchard,sat under the tree which heloved,dug a hole and buried the money under it. After a while,the good blind man came to take out his money,but he did not find it in its place. He thought very carefully about who has stolen the money?! And after a while he said: it is no one butmy neighbor, this bluffing thief. Perhaps he saw me when I was burying the money. Sothe wise blind man went to the wicked neighbor and said: I have come to you seeking adviceand whoever seeks advice would never be disappointed. The thief sat upright in his chair and said: Askme for advice and I will offeryou the good opinion.

The blind man said astutely, “I got a lot of money today, do you thinkthat I wouldbetter keep it with an honest man or hide it in my orchard in a safe place??” The thief nodded his head saying to himself:

The place to which he is referring is the same place that I know, and then the villain said, “no, keeping the money with others is a dangerous matter; it would better keep it in the orchard where it remains safe”.

The blind man thanked him and said: you are right! Tomorrow I shall keep it in the orchard with the other money.While the blind man returned to his house, the thief climbed the orchard wall and returned the stolen money to the hole where it was and said:“I shall take it again with the new money that the blind man will put in the hole”. The blind man came and took his money while the thief was watching him from afar thinking that he is putting the new money.At night, thethief came to take allthe money feeling happy.However, hefound  nothing but a paper written by the blind man saying “Remember that God sees you, so how would you like Him to see you?”



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