The Justice and Development Party Undermining the Foundations of the Turkish Republic (Part 3)

By “Ahmad Sulaiman Al-Ibrahim” – a Researcher on Turkish Affairs

The capitalist class has no longer anything new to offer to humanity and to the planet. That is why it has begun to interpret the philosophies in order to return to the culture and ideologies of ancient times. It has begun to explore religion once more aiming atcontrolling the human mind through the sacred religious texts and replacing the critical scientific mind with the technical mind.

The criticism directed by the postmodernists, liberals and neoconservatives at enlightenment and modernityis not intended to go beyond the present historical stage but rather to restore humanity to the mentality of the distant pastages so as to fortify capitalism.

Hence, we see that postmodernism depends on destroying the mind and the central arguments that dominated theold and modern western thought, such as language, identity, origin, freedom of speech, and mind.For this purpose, postmodernism has used the mechanisms of dispersion, skepticism,divergence and alienation, and it has also drawn attention to whatever is marginal, strange, imaginary and different, and to other matters relating to race, color, gender, femininity, and post-colonial discourse. After the end of the Cold War, the world has entered a phase of rapid transformation, and the experiences of mankind during the twentieth century and the earlier periods of enlightenment and scientific developments were abandoned. Modernity, science and mindhave been replaced by postmodernism, religion and mysticism and absenteeism respectively. Social, political and economic developments began to be interpreted in terms of theological approaches, and secularism was put aside.

It cannot be said that the Justice and Development Party is a Turkish political party that relies on pure internal dynamics or that it is a political party that was established in Turkey to have its own point of view regarding Turkey’s internal and external policies apart from the fact of being formed in the United States by the neo-conservatives. This means thatit can only be addressed as a post-modern product of the American neoconservatives, and therefore its projects cannot be dealt withbut within the frame of thepostmodern neo-conservative philosophy which we can name“the new global reactionary fascism”, including the project of the new Ottoman Empire which will mature in 2023, as Ahmed Dawood Oglu has stated, the year that marks the centenary of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. Former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Dawood Oglu has said: “Year 2023 is the centennial of our departure from the Middle East. Between 2011 and 2023, we will come back and meet with our brethren again on the lands we left between 1911 and 1921. If we compare the map of the Ottoman State with the map of the Greater Middle East project, we will see a great similarity between them. We only need to replace the word “mutessarif –Sanjak” with “ministate”.

To be continued …………



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