A secret diplomatic document reveals a US plan to divide Syria

Al-Akhbar newspaper revealed a secret document leaked from the British Embassy in Washington on the American strategic plan to divide Syria, presented by US Deputy Secretary of State, “David Satterfield,” during a meeting with the Syrian American group in Washington in the presence of diplomatic and security figures from Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

the American plan intends to divide Syria between West Euphrates and its east , that’s and the White House has allocated a budget of $ 4 billion for the forces that will work in the area of East Euphrates on condition that part of the budget must be spent on expanding US military bases in these areas, especially in Ain Arab (Kubani) and the Syrian-Turkish border. The US plan consists of five points: dividing Syria, sabotaging the Sochi conference and foiling its results, absorbing Turkey and reducing tension with it, returning to the Geneva negotiations, working and marketing the American paper presented by Washington at the recent Vienna conference on the solution in Syria.  Besides Satterfield , the meeting was attended by, head of the Syria team at the British Foreign Office, Hugh Clary, head of the Middle East and North Africa division at the French Foreign Ministry, Jerome Bonnafont, and two Arab allies to Washington, namely, Jordanian Foreign Minister Nawaf Wasfi al-Tal ,and the security official in the Saudi Interior Ministry Brigadier General” Jamal al-Aqeel “.

The United Nations will also play a big role in the American plan to divide Syria. Priority will be given to strengthening the Geneva process. The Americans informed the audience that they would no longer participate in the Astana meetings and that they had reduced their diplomatic representation to the lowest level, to return the political process to Geneva. The minutes of the meeting say that the sponsors acknowledged that Geneva had failed despite the efforts made by Stephane de Mistura to revive it. They expressed reservations about the cease-fire in Syria under the current field conditions and with the retreat of the opposition, they also considered it useless to introduce the cease-fire proposal in the Geneva process because In fact, “we do not have the ability to prevent the regime from gnawing the pockets that the opposition still maintains in Idlib and the eastern Ghouta,” according to the notes.

Source: nthnews.net



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