Doctors have suggested using a mental tool to combat anxiety that distracts concentration and increases stress, trying to think about the present we are living.

This tool is known as “1-2-3-4-5”, a simple but effective way to regain control of the mind and return to the present based on our five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

As for the mechanism of its use, those suffering of anxiety at a moment, they must look at their surroundings and identify five things within their vision; after that, they must identify four sounds that can be heard, three objects that can be touched, two that can be smelled, and finally one thing that can be tasted. “Our attention to our senses draws us to our present and the number of the elements that we define interrupts our thoughts,” said Ellen Hendrickson, a psychiatrist at Boston University’s Center for Concern and Disorder.

The non-profit medical and research group “Mayo Clinic Health System” says that this method reduces anxiety feelings and can help interrupt wrong thought patterns. The group added that this trick, which is based on sensory awareness, is rooted in mind and can also help treat depression, addiction disorders, low blood pressure and stress relief, according to a study conducted by Harvard.

  • Source “The Independent”


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