An Effective Drug Extracted of Ants Fluids to Prevent the Most Dangerous Infections

US scientists have discovered the ability of ants to fight off the most dangerous infections because of the effective properties of the fluids of theircirculatory system.Biologists from the University of North Carolina have found that ants’ bodies are able to prevent various infections because of the presence of the fluid component “bloodlymph” that replaces blood in the circulatory system of some arthropods such as ants, and it consists of (blood and lymph)”.

It contains a large number of antibiotics that kill pathogenic bacteria.Biologists also confirm the presence of antimicrobials in the external body structure that covers ants.

This explains the high resistance of these active insects to different types of bacteria.

Scientists plan to produce antibiotics made of ants’ fluids after they have studied their effectiveness in killing the bacteria and germs that afflict human beings, and they also plan to produce drugs that totally differ from all currently used drugs.

  • Source: “live-Ro”


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