“Fisk”: Syrian Arab army targets US forces after the liberation of al-Gouta and Idlib

Correspondent of the “Independent” in Syria, “Robert Fisk” said that the preparation of the Syrian army for a large-scale military operation in the east of Gouta bears a threatening message to the militants that “Ghouta will fall”.

According to Fisk, it seems that the militants of the terrorist  group “AL-Nusra Front” are more steadfast than the Army of Islam and The al-Rahman Legion, as they are refusing to surrender to the Syrian forces, even if they are allowed to leave the area with light weapons, Adding that the ranks of insurgents in Ghouta are scattered, especially in light of the tense relations between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are supportive of both “Army of Islam” and ” al-Rahman Legion,” respectively. Fisk said that the Syrian Arab Army is seeking to resolve the battle of Ghouta in order to continue its operations in the province of Idlib, and then will face the task of overthrowing the US-Kurdish control of Al-Raqqa.

Fisk suggested that the Syrian government had made efforts to resolve the issue of Al-Raqqa by sending loyal forces to Afrin to help Kurdish units repel the Turkish attack in order to put a larger wedge between Washington and Ankara to force the United States to give up its Kurdish allies in the Euphrates

Source: The Independent



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