The White helmets: The long arm of British MI6 in Syria

The White Helmet being widely promoted by the media as “first responders” are  in fact a propaganda arm of the British Intelligence MI6 in Syria, the Czech expert on Middle Eastern Affairs Dr. Peter Markvart asserted.

In an interview with the Czech electronic website “Parliamentary Papers”, Markvart noted that this “group” has been  founded by the former British military intelligence officer James Le Mesurier, who has extensive relations with several Gulf regimes.

There are also several  other intelligence  agents from many other  countries embedded in this group, the expert  said. This means that  the White Helmets are in fact a sort of a joint operation Co. set up to serve the agendas of Wahabi and Anglo-Saxon states, he added.

Members of this group often appear in videos showing them as “first responders” rescuing people from the rubble, but in fact they are the “avant-garde” of  terrorists, especially the al-Nusra Front, he said.

Many reports  have earlier debunked  the so-called “White Helmets” and showed that they are merely a war-propaganda front being used to promote false accusations and unfounded allegations against Syria and the  Syrian Arab Army. Editor-in-Chief of the Turkish “Takvim”  newspaper  said that the “White Helmets” funded by the British government and supported by the United States is in fact directly linked to the Al-Qaeda terror group and has been responsible for the chemical attack on the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhoun.

The photos and the comments  posted by White Helmet  members  on social media reveal their true colors and clearly  show that they belong to terrorist  groups. They are not  a “humanitarian organization”, as they claim to be. To the contrary, they are a shill and a  front under the cover of which  aid is being supplied to terrorists. In other words, they act as a yet another arm for the terrorists founded by the West in Syria, he said.



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