Aggression and lessons learned from it

Written by: Dr. Ahmad Alhaj Ali

 At every turn in which living nations pass, there is an urgent need to stabilize the paths of internal and external conflict in the lives of these nations by extracting learned lessons and codifying the extracts and lessons that still govern the conflict; this is what practically lead to a deep understanding of the nature of the aggression on Syria at this stage , of the areas of adaptation ,and of building political and military priorities in the Syrian national performance that is growing in every dimension. we realize now that the terrorist Zionist colonial aggression is interlocked with characteristics of treachery and formulations of killing and destruction by manipulating the distance between the outside and the inside. Let us note now how this meaning is used and invested in Western policies in general and the US in particular; on the outside it appears to be combating terrorism while inside it is protecting this terrorism and embracing it in all its functions and roles, because the essence of the Western American reactionary Zionist position is the destruction of the Syrian homeland, even if that could only be achieved through stages and not at once , especially in a two organically interdependent approaches; the first of each is exhausting the Syrian government and picturing it as a failed regime that is neither capable of protecting the interest of its citizens nor able to protect the Syrian society from aggression against it and in it, while the second approach is based on the distribution of geographical aggressive tasks on all Syrian soil and demographical tasks on all components of the unified Syrian society, despite its rich diversity.

Hence, methodology and objectivity drives us to stress on the following three factors that govern the entire picture:

Assertion that the forces of aggression consist of a list of vocabulary and names that are unified in their assets and chapters and integrated in their implementation of the deadly project on the Syrian homeland ,this list includes America and the Zionist entity in the first place, France and Britain in the second place Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan the third place and terrorist organizations of different levels and names in the fourth one. all the countries on this list are vicious unified forces ,and any fabricated comma between one side and the other in it has no value at all ,this gives us all the assurances and indicators to take in consideration during the confrontation of this ominous unity between these forces of aggression.

 The enemy forces, with its open list, benefit from the Arab and Islamic backwardness. This situation has become a high-priority factor in the practice of terrorism, justification of its logic, and the passing of its foreign colonial programs.

We know very well how this Arabic retroactively was invested in implanting schemes of hatred against Syria  from provoking sedition and inciting on fights and bloodshed , to relying on a pattern of  (Islamism) culture which hijacked the tolerant Islam and emptied of its essence then spreading the culture of “justification and passing” till it seemed the forces of terrorism are performing religious duty in the name of God as they claim.

Then comes the third factor based on facts of knowledge ,science and building a system of priorities in the face of the enemy and aggression in a way that confirms Newton third law: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” and  this is not an experimental approach, but it is a reliance on science and pragmatism when formulating and rooting the frontiers of confrontation against aggression. This is what the process of formulating the Syrian position requires in terms of existing and influential principles and mechanisms that emphasize the comprehensiveness of the confrontation not only in combat field , not only in the political arena, but also in the prevailing culture and customs. We are in front of an enemy that targets our existence and we must target its existence to respond to it.

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