The Fountain of Youth and Aging!

American scientists have discovered the mechanism of two types of neurons that is responsible for youth and aging, and its role in the increase and decrease of life expectancy. Scientists at Michigan State University found that the brain and the intestinal in a worm called Caenorhabditis elegans control the aging process. They believe that this mechanism exists in other animals, including humans.

Scientists called the discovered mechanism they discovered in this kind of worm “axis of aging”. It includes two types of neurons that respond to changes in ambient temperature and send signals to the digestive system of the worm, thus affecting the activity of its genes.

One type of neurons – IL-1 – responsive to cold and promotes the release of serotonin (a neurotransmitter that enhances the mood of humans) from NSM neurons in the intestinal tissues. In turn, this signal capture receptors increase the activity of the protein “DAF-16” which increases lifespan. The second type of neurons “ASJ” receives the heat and promotes the synthesis of insulin-like proteins, blocking “DAF-16”. From the intestines of both chain signals are distributed to other tissues and organs. According to scientists, the “axis of aging” may exist not only in worms, but also in other organisms and human being. They also warn form the consumption of large quantities of carbohydrates that can negatively affect the lifespan in mammals generally.

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