hidden facts about the terrorist “White Helmets” in Syria

In  a televised interview, freelance journalist Vanessa Beeley, said that the so-called white helmets abandoned their headquarters  in eastern Aleppo alongside  Nusra Front after being liberated by the Syrian Arab Army ,and that she had visited their main positions in the areas of Sakhour and Hanano to discover  that Anadan hospital is the headquarters of both: al-Nusra  Front and the white helmet and that the walls that separate the white helmets from al-Nusra  front has many entrances to the centers of al-Nusra  , that is, the entire compound was united and that there is a clear affiliation  and coordination between extremists and White Helmets.

Adding that when she entered the White Helmets  centers in the areas of Bab al-Nairab and Marjah it was obvious that they worked side by side with the Nusra Front and that civilians told her unequivocally that they were working as a unified team together  and that in that building there was an execution and torture chamber where White Helmets and its partners from Nusra were bringing their prisoners  from civilians who were not capitulating to them or disagreed with them ideologically. Vanessa also revealed that she found a paperwork showing a clear link between the white helmets and the terrorists who control some areas ,and that al-Nusra was making clear statements requesting the supply of electricity to White Helmets  which were ultimately serving  as civil defense of al-Nusra. Vanessa says that the White Helmets were founded in Turkey in 1951, 60 years before its establishment in Syria, adding that the Syrian state oversees 80 percent of the Syrian people and provides them with national defense services; while al-Nusra only oversees 20% of the Syrian population who suffers under its control of deprivation, imprisonment  and human rights violations in the presence of the White Helmets working for terrorists ,supporting that with an example that the leader of the White Helmets in Khan Shaykhoun, Mustafa al-Haj Yusuf, have a very  clear affiliation to the terrorists, adding that the White Helmets have always produced a false flag that is later discredited , for example after the US collation bombed the Syrian army soldiers in Deir al-Zour, almost within 48 hours we saw the White Helmets  produce a so-called Syrian or Russian air force attack on  the humanitarian convoy in Um AL-Kabra in Aleppo and this is a pattern that we see :when the US  collation has committed frankly war crimes inside Syria ; the White Helmets has produced a false flag , or when there is a need of no-fly zone to call for further intervention; the White Helmets are always there to produce  another false flag which facilitates that, and all of that reveals the reason behind why White Helmets were produced and created.




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