Important strategic insights

Written by: Nasser Kandil

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin,  came out with a qualitative declaration of the Russian army’s readiness of nuclear confrontation, if that was imposed on Russia or if Washington targeted any of Russia’s allies with a tactical nuclear weapon or ballistic missiles.

Adding that Moscow has new quality missiles which  can not be dropped, and  are capable of carrying small nuclear warheads. Those in Moscow who know the hidden meanings behind Putin’s message know well that it is based on an intelligence info from Russian intelligence about the preparations of qualitative military units at the al-Tanf base, including members of the elite armed groups, including Kurds trained by US forces over the past years and who are no longer part of Syrian formations but  are only an American reservoir working under the command of US officers at the level of formations of the Brigades and battalions, and that progress through the Badia towards Al-Ghouta to create a bar linking the Syrian capital with the Iraqi border and the American bases in Iraq is the goal, And that discussions were held in the Pentagon among the American military personnel to impose intensive air raids besides the use of heavy ballistic missiles, as well as involving the Israelis in bombing and dispersion of forces by moving the Syrian south front ,alongside some qualitative landing operations to hit bases of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to be presented to Israeli public opinion as Israeli special objectives.

They will know well that some of the discussions contained serious talk about the need for qualitative deterrence by the use of tactical nuclear bombs on some Syrian military bases near Homs towards Badia, to destroy them and exterminate whoever live in there. According to follow-up sources, President Putin, in consultation with the pillars of the axis of resistance, reached the decision of confrontation and military resolve in Ghouta at all costs.

This is why the Sukhoi 57 came to Syria- which has not yet been added to the Russian army- and that is why we are hearing the high-ceilinged speech of the Russian president, that is meant to cut  the road to any adventures based on misjudgment and error in the calculations regarding the expectation of the Russian response. The intent here is crystal clear! any bombing with ballistic missiles to sites in Syria will be considered as targeting Russia with a nuclear weapon, and the response will be according to this basis, that is , American destroyers and bases in the Syrian deserts, east and north, will become direct targets of the Russian response.



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