Ford to Ghouta’s terrorists: No one will intervene to save you

The former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford has stated what can be paraphrased as the following:

Behind the aspect  relating to international law, there is, as a matter of course, a  political aspect for the Syrian conflict.

Here, let us talk frankly once more. The United Nations is unable to reform the political landscape, because it reflects the political configuration on the global landscape. It the same way as you can not blame the mirror for reflecting your obese image. The existing  political fact here is that Russia and China want the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government to stay.

Neither of the two countries would contribute anything to the regime-change endeavor, because they believe that whoever comes in replacement would be way worse than the current regime.

Neither of the two countries would like to weaken the Syrian regime. To the contrary, they try to enhance it. Consequently, they would not allow the United Nations to exert any tangible pressure on the Assad regime at all. On the other hand, Russia and Iran may not agree on every thing with respect to Syria, but they do agree that President Assad and his regime should stay. And they agree that  foreign countries should not interfere at all in support of the “popular dissenting movement”. Russia will never exert any pressures on Iran or Syria when Damascus and Tehran take some steps they believe essential to ensure the survival of the Syrian state.

Moreover, the United States and the West will not wage a war in confrontation of Russia on Syria. I would, therefore, like to address a message to  “Jaysh al-Islam” and “Faylaq al-Rahman” inside the Eastern Ghouta. I know very well that this message would triger  broadside of  criticism against me, yet I accept this volley of criticism contently. My message is: The world, the United Nations, the West and the Arab World will not intervene to “save” the Eastern Ghouta.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts. The above piece was first published in Arabic by the website



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